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Aux Africa is a melting pot for emerging rhythm and sound from Africa, a continent on the rise.

Our coverage of emerging artists let us serve as the springboard to launch the careers of the next generation of African artists. As an accelerator platform for music we have introduced musical gems like Tems, Oxlade and Fireboy DML and so on to the mainstream. Come with us on this journey.


Aux Africa is a multi-platform brand that connects undiscovered music talents with a large global audience. In the past, we’ve served as an accelerator platform to launch the careers of Tems, Fireboy DML and other big names in African music today. While seeing these artists’ live sets are impressive, that’s not all that Aux Africa is about. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on exceptional talents and present their music to our global audience through live performance, radio and podcast interviews, playlist placements and more.

Our Community  

We have built a loyal and dedicated audience of high earning, pop culture aficionados and tastemakers across social media and streaming platforms. We currently have over 10k YouTube subscribers and over 7k Instagram followers while Cool FM’s audience of nearly 2-million daily listeners are accessible to us via the Aux Radio Show on Cool FM. 

All our releases draw the attention of our community of music fans, culture influencers, and artists, including previously featured artists like Fireboy DML, Joeboy, Tems and others. Our audience count on us to discover and introduce them to the newest artists emerging in the African music scene today.


As part of the rollout plan, we will have photoshoots for featured artists. Emerging artists need high quality images that adequately reflect their identities. We only require artists to come with adequate wardrobe and we’ll take pictures that will introduce them in style.


Aux Session

Featured artists will have the opportunity to present their music at our Aux sessions. The intimate live set is divided into three; Acoustic, Refix and a collaboration. It gives artists the opportunity to push boundaries and be creative with their performance as they play with color schemes and sounds and give audiences a peek into their creative mind. Our reputation as an underground talent hunting platform and music career accelerator makes the promotional function of Aux Sessions superior to that of regular music videos.

Billboards Feature

Aux is committed to providing upcoming artists a stage to strive and kickoff their global independent careers. To achieve this, artists featured on Aux will get Billboard placement across Nigeria. This physical extension of Aux’s promo run will capture the attention of local audiences and enable upcoming artists to impact their grassroot market.


Assets for Social Media Promo

We’ve built a dedicated audience of high earning early adopters, tastemakers and pop culture aficionados on social media. We’ll make short introductory videos with featured artists to share with our frequent viewers on social media such as Tems, Bankuli, and more. These will serve as teasers to build our audiences antcipation for the Aux session videos.


Media Press Releases

Aux has good working relationships with media publications across the continent. We will pitch artists featured on Aux for profile features on prominent publications like TRACE, NATIVE, Pulse, MTV, etc.


Micro Album

The act of music discovery has radically changed in the music present streaming era. Major platforms are incentivised to showcase prominent artist who then get a huge percentage of streaming revenue. However, at Aux we are committed to highlighting the works of emerging artists and help push them to break through the algorithmic musical trend and start earning from their music.

To do this, featured artist will record a Micro Album, a 4-track EP containing the acoustic live performance, a refix of the artist’s song, an interlude of snippets from artist’s Aux Radio feature and a collaboration with another featured artist. All tracks will be recorded at our studio and we will split the revenue generated from the Micro Album 50-50 with featured artists. We will promote the Micro Album via our network of influence which includes playlist placements on Apple Music, radio airplay on Cool FM and other media features with major publications across Africa. 


Newsletter  Feature

To further express featured artists’ thoughts, messages and creativity, they will be featured on our Aux Newsletter publication. The newsletter is a vertical content format to introduce emerging artists to our curated list of brand partners and music industry tastemakers. 


Strategic Placements

Asides the live sessions, Aux also introduces emerging artists to influential tastemakers with promotional videos which are distributed exclusively through our global network of influence. Aux is one of the few brands in Africa with a curator profile on Apple music and we will share featured artists’ songs on our Apple Playlists. Artists will also get radio plays during the Aux radio show on Cool FM radio. We will also have a monthly Clubhouse session with music industry professionals from across the globe and featured artists will be  opportuned to speak during these sessions and exchange thoughts with international industry experts like Bankuli and more.


To get featured on Aux, send your original songs to [email protected] A nonrefundable consideration fee of N2,000 should be included. 

Artists who meet our A&R team’s standard will be contacted via email within 7 days after submission. 

Those who are selected would be required to sign a request form and an Aux Sessions production agreeement documents. Artists will also be required to send in their songs instrumental, loops and  backing track to Aux Africa 72 hours before set performance. 


There’s no limit on submissions, so submit often to maximize your chances.

The songs submitted for Aux Sessions must belong to the artist and meet the standard of quality set by our A&R team. 

Artists also have to pay a N2,000 consideration fee that is none refundable.

There’s no limit on submissions, so submit often to maximize your chances.

The N2,000 submission cost is payment for our A&R team to consider the songs submitted. As a result, Aux won’t refund artists who don’t meet all the necessary criteria for selection. 

Our A&R team will review emerging artists’ music submissions and respond with acceptance or rejection mails within a week of submission. 

Artists featured on Aux Session will be allowed to record two tracks and 

The Artiste shall send his/her song instrumental, loops and backing track to 
AUX Africa  72 hours before set performance. 

The songs featured on Aux Sessions will be uploaded on digital streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. They will also be featured on our Apple Music playlist.

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