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Guide to AUX

A walkthrough to questions you might have about everything AUX.

Register & Subscribe

You become one step away from the world stage when you register and subscribe on the website for just five thousand naira.

Create your Profile

Bring the world closer to your doorstep when you share your social media profile and your musical projects.

Engage your own audience

Join the fastest growing music wave and reach out to a wider and even attentive audience.

Win Exciting Prices

With AUX, you’re poised to be the superstar you really are and our job is to drive you forward. Win with AUX, win on every stage!


Sign up with your details and pay the subscription fee of N5000/year to begin your application to the platform.

Submit song

Submit a link to your song and you will get an email notification with your tracking code, link to your entry on the site and your music on our YouTube Music channel

Gather votes

Share your link with friends and fans to garner votes on the platform to stand a chance to win the ultimate prize.

Last 9

From the top 50 songs with the highest votes the last 9 songs will be chosen by Aux's internal panel using the panel standards. The last 9 artistes will get an AUX session.

Final Winner

The final 9 entries will be put on the site for voting and the entry with the highest vote wins the ultimate prize.

Prizes to be won


One hundred Thousand Naira Cash

AUX Honorary Vinyl

The winner will recieve a honorary AUX vinyl.

AUX Features

  • Aux Live Performance slot
  • Aux Experience Performance slot
  • Aux Radio Interview
  • Aux Gift Bag & so much more

Guidelines for submission

No Covers

Songs that are covers of other songs will not be accepted into the competition and will not be put up for consideration at all. No covers allowed

Be Expressive

Let your music tell a story or paint a vivid picture in the minds of your listeners and you might just be on your way to stardom.

Be Distinct

Stand out among the crowd and show the world what makes you different using your music as a conduit .

What is AUX?

AUX is a core audio-visual music platform featuring very distinct original sounds reachable across the country. It is described as a soapbox for unheard-music exposure accompanied with an aesthetic feel. Interstices between distinct and diverse sounds and it’s target audience continue to widen; The closure of this gap is the essence of AUX.

Benefits of AUX?

We at AUX, continue to project the works of younger artists and even known artists alike , who make list music, regardless of its presence in the mainstream market. There is a spotlight for you, if your sound is original, distinct, and amazing. While there’s a show for you as a listener if you often feel the need for diversity in your native playlists—a show like no other at that.

How do I get on AUX Sessions?

You become eligible to get into AUX Sessions if you are amongst the shortlisted nine artistes from the AUX platform within a monthly time-frame. For a subscription fee of Five thousand Naira, you automatically become a registered member on the AUX platform for 12 months.

What can I win on AUX?

The Monthly winner is awarded a prize money of one hundred thousand Naira while the best performer over the months becomes the AUX artiste of the year.

Can I win every month?

As a registered artiste on the AUX platform, you’re eligible to win only twice over the space of twelve calendar months.

How do I upload my songs on the website?

You are required to submit a URL to one original song of yours every month through-out the 1-Year period.

"It led to me being signed under YBNL"

DML, Artiste

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