There is no shortage of dancefloor-fillers in Nigeria’s music scene, but we’re finally getting a new generation of artists who can explore more niche themes outside the party-serving Afropop trope. Victony joined that expressive set with his debut EP, Saturn, an angsty R&B/pop album that depicts the highs and lows of romantic relationships. Though Victony’s music is distinct from the Afropop sound dominating the Nigerian mainstream music scene today, his sultry voice and his match emotive lyrics showed crossover potential.


His debut EP introduced him as one of the new voices of R&B in the country and we were able to feature the then 18-year-old singer on our Aux Session as he built his mainstream acclaim. He performed his most recent track, Crying Alone and highlighted the appeal for narrating teenage experience with angsty R&B music.


You can watch Victony’s Aux Session, Crying Alone below.