Young Nigerian talents leaving the country to find success in America and Europe has become a cliche, especially in sports and music. However, for Seddy, AKA SGaWD, she left her job as a lawyer in Miami to start her music career in Nigeria. Her exposure to the different cultures allows her to create uniquely versatile anthems like her confidence-inspiring debut single, Are You Dumb and her soulful single, Resistance featuring Jess ETA.


In just over a year since she released her debut single, the 22-year-old has grown an incredibly engaged fanbase that ensured her debut music video, Feel Right reached 3k views in just two weeks. Her convincing rap cadence also gave her a reputation as one of the women revolutionizing the Nigerian music scene and she was the perfect artist to feature for our first Aux Live Session after we resumed from our brief hiatus in 2020. She performed two exclusive new tracks, M.O and Whorephobia, combining her Nigerian roots, hip-hop sensibilities and her love for R&B as she continues to prove she’s ready to take on the world.