Soulful Nigerian singer/songwriter, Ilaye makes melancholic songs filled with warmth, empathy and attention to vivid storytelling. She officially started her music career with the release of her debut single, Castle Wall in 2017. However, she has confirmed in an interview that she has been writing music since she was 8. True to her several years of experience, her songs showcase her uncanny ability to channel melancholic feelings while making comforting music. It has earned her a loyal audience of fans which she continues to grow with each new release. 


Though Ilaye’s intimate and soulful sound doesn’t have the upbeat bounce of the commercial Afropop genre that’s dominating the Nigerian music scene today, she shared her debut tape, Pneuma in 2019 to a positive response from music pundits in the scene. We were also privileged to work with her in bringing her stunning storytelling on one of the tape’s standout tracks, Metaphor to life. Watch the Aux video for Ilaye’s Metaphor below.