Southeast’s Daisy, AKA Daisy Firecracker follows in the footsteps of Nigerian hip-hop icon, Illbliss to present an indigenous vision of hip-hop you cannot help but lose yourself in. She first broke out into the limelight earlier this year after her energetic flow and effortless blend of English, pidgin and Igbo lyrics captivated fans of Slim Case’s Instagram live show. At 24 years old, she is proving to be a blazing force in Nigerian hip-hop and now she’s poised for a monumental 2021 as she continues to grow her catalog and audience with her AUX Sessions tape, ‘OT’.


The lead tracks, “OT” and “Zelum” reveal Daisy to be a writer most adept at placing listeners insider her experience and showing how universal that experience can be. She is still finding her footing as a newcomer in the Nigerian music scene, but with her AUX Session and her fierce voice demanding equality and attention, she can be counted among Nigeria’s next hip-hop stars. She performed the anthemic lead single, “OT” for AUX Sessions and it’s a must-watch.


Check out her colorful AUX Session video below.